I will grow more flowers

Next Spring, I will plant more flowers.

13 thoughts on “I will grow more flowers

      1. Really I had hoped to keep these in pots in the greenhouse and keep growing, hoping for a blooming Larkspur in a pot for Summer decorating…but I decided the ground would be safer! I started these from seed in February–so slow growing–I am not the most patient gardener!

  1. I say that every year. But I too have plans for more flowers for next year. I’m redesigning the space we call the Little Cove to include a much larger area for planting flowers and many perennials.

  2. I’m going to try an experiment…mix all those old leftover packets of annual flower seeds together, and let the Little Girl toss them by the handful onto an unused, kind of weedy spot in the yard. Then cover them with straw, and see what comes up next year…Who Knows what will happen? They’re all things that have come up volunteer in the past…

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