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Holiday blooms

It is not to late to grab Amaryllis bulbs to force for the holidays.

I like to place them in glass containers with a few inches of pebbles on the bottom.

The bulb and roots are just as pretty to me as the flower.

9 thoughts on “Amaryllis

    1. You sure can plant in soil….in fact they usually sell Amaryllis bulbs in a little “kit” that holds the bulb, a pot, and some potting soil.
      I buy my bulbs just by themselves. You can just nestle them into some pebbles, just like the paper whites. I like to find a glass container that just fits the bulb. Add a few inches of the pebbles–and add just enough water to reach the very bottom of the bulb. To much water and the bulb will rot. You can even pull it all out and rinse off, then put it back together if the water needs cleaning. Just add a little water as it is needed.
      And here is a good tip–when they go on clearance, many times before Christmas, grab some…I love to buy the white and pink and grow them for some Winter pick-me-up. Even better for Valentines Day, they look pretty on a table.
      Oh, and they don’t really need sun….but if I put them in a brighter spot they get taller for me!
      🙂 Stacey

      1. Good tips. I buy amaryllis kits each year. One of them this year got so high and big the whole pot fell over! I need a heavier container for it next year to keep it upright. I’ve always loved having that big, bold shot of color in the dead of winter.

      2. Kate,
        I HAVE to grow at least one amaryllis each year, and my paper whites too. It is most certainly a tradition.
        We try to start them right after Thanksgiving…
        Oh save that beauty for sure…I have not had a large one for years.
        Do you grow yours in potting mix?

    1. What a lovely gift! My experience with Amaryllis is that, they have a mind of their own. Different varieties have different bloom times. I do find that a little warmer spot to get the bulb “woke up” seems to help. One year I started them all on top of my refrigerator. Once you have blossoms though, a cooler spot is best, so you can keep the blossoms as long as possible.
      It is possible to save your Amaryllis again for next year, but frankly, I don’t have the patience to store them…I much prefer to just purchase in the Fall and know I’m going to have a healthy bulb. 🙂 Hope to see your beauty!

      1. Can I say I’m relieved to read that a gardener such as yourself doesn’t have the patience to store your Amaryllis bulbs? I don’t save mine either usually. That said, the one i had this year was so glorious that I think I will try saving it. I’ll see if it grows again next year.

      2. Keep me posted, I am a frugal gardener, so maybe I should start saving them!
        Mine seem to dry up in the past, so perhaps I should do a bit of research on storage ideas?!
        That’s what I love about gardening, your always learning.
        How are you going to store yours?

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