Let’s wrap it up

24 days of Merry

I don’t love to wrap presents!  Gasp!

This is my attempt to trick myself into enjoying the task.


8 thoughts on “Let’s wrap it up

  1. When you are done wrapping your presents, would you please come to my house and wrap mine? I’ve just begun the task I very much dislike. And I don’t have all these pretties like you do. Perhaps that is the trick, to buy cuteness so I can make the task fun.

    1. I will be happy when mine are all tucked under the tree! It is helping to have all the wrapping goodies displayed and nearby. I’ve been hoarding these vintage labels for quite some time, and decided I just need to use them.

  2. I wish I was your neighbor…I would come over and help you wrap. I love wrapping packages. With your cute supplies, I think you will enjoy your task.

  3. I actually love to wrap…and I used to do it with all sorts of fun things, like yours.
    Someday – maybe next year – I’ll get back to it.
    Put on some music, and simmer some orange peel and cinnamon on the stove…then imagine how beatiful they’ll look under the tree!

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