Let’s break out the baby pictures

Baby Herb seedlings....ahhh
Baby Herb seedlings….ahhh

8 thoughts on “Let’s break out the baby pictures

    1. Lot’s of Herbs! I love Basil’s, last year I had 5 different kinds…Love all the basic Herbs, but try to add something new and interesting each year. I love cooking with fresh Herbs–Tarragon would be another great Herb for you to try…Winter hardy and a good flavor for all meats.
      I will give you a starter plant this Spring when you visit! Savory is another nice Herb, not hardy for zone 4, but a easy plant to start to grow….I love Summer Savory the best, and it is a pretty, viney little plant that is good on the borders of you garden. 🙂 Audrey, I could talk Herbs all day! I used to give classes on Herbs at Shotwell Floral in Fargo….in another life.

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