I hope the foxglove self seed this Spring…

but just in case–I will start more in the greenhouse.

A little difficult to grow in zone 4, but worth the effort.


11 thoughts on “Foxglove

  1. One of my favourites, although it’s hard to pick. I had no luck with them ever coming back but just bought mature new ones every year. It was my little garden indulgence since all the other perennials did pretty well. I guess maybe they’re actually a bi-annual?

  2. THey are just so beautiful! I didn’t think of starting my own in the greenhouse…what a grand idea! We have a very friendly environment, but sometimes sowing in the soil they still get a little lost! I’m going to think about this and see what I can do. You’ve inspired thoughts of spring! 🙂

  3. We seem to have the most luck with wave petunias re-seeding. I like this though and may try to grow some. A lot of what we grow is recused from the “stressed” plant racks at the local Lowes. We can experiement with new varieties with a highly discounted price.

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