Stonecrop is the common name for the large plant family of Sedum

“known for their foliage, flowers, hardiness and variety”


I have been adding new plants each year, and now have lot’s of Mother plants to take cuttings from.

I fill flats with a sand and soil-less potting mix.

Tuck in all the little cuttings, and wait patiently in the greenhouse.

When they resist a little tug–they are ready for either a larger pot–or right to the garden.





11 thoughts on “Stonecrop

      1. Sure! We should go to the Friends plant sale up at the fairgrounds..they have a wonderful variety and low cost. I keep adding more every year. The one that is green right now is Angelina I of my favorites as it spreads rampantly with no help from me.

      2. It’s always Mother’s Day weekend, Friday-Sunday. Big crowds Friday am, but half off on Sunday!

      1. I love that rambling look too. Looking at all your gorgeous pictures makes me miss my old yard. But we are currently house hunting and hope to have a yard soon.

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