The greenhouse

Nothing better than a warm greenhouse.

Can’t wait!

The greenhouse

19 thoughts on “The greenhouse

  1. Counting down the weeks! Good time to work on indoor projects so we are free to enjoy the good weather when it gets here.

  2. I have been admiring the view of the greenhouse and as you know am jealous of such a beautiful structure, but the view from inside is just as gorgeous. I could while away the hours in there working and gazing out.

    1. This was a shot I sent to the field editor for the magazine, she had asked how I use the greenhouse when the growing season was over…I do toil in it nearly everyday. Even now, I keep my bird seed in the greenhouse . A good place out of the wind to fill the bird feeders. 🙂

  3. Ooo, what a glorious space. I am envious! Perhaps in the future, I will have space for it… You’ve got such a beautiful garden!

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