And in this corner

And in this corner

4 thoughts on “And in this corner

    1. My big clay pot served as a water barrel (of sorts). I am on the look out for something else for this side of the greenhouse….but this pot is working for now. The sides are growing some nice moss and I added a few Water-lettace floating on the surface.

  1. Have you ever read the book “Seasons At Seven Gates Farm”? I have had this book since 1996…though I have found garden inspiration from all sorts of places….this was the book that really created my garden in my head–long before I was able to make it come to life out here on the “the farm”. Country Living-Hearst Books. It is the pictorial look at all 4 seasons at the garden and home of Dean Johnson and Jimmie Cramer. Grab this book at the library or pick up a used copy from the internet….you will love it! Stacey

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