I’m going to grow Lavender some day…

I'm going to grow Lavender some day...

I remember thinking those words….many years ago.
And now I do.

10 thoughts on “I’m going to grow Lavender some day…

    1. Do you remember the old Victoria magazine? I used to devour the pictures of English country gardens…filled with wispy Lavender!
      Thank you for visiting my little garden!

  1. Lucky girl! I tried this in my garden so many times. It never grows the next year. Zone 3 is too darn cold I guess. My friend Alys at Gardening Nirvana has it all along her deck. I’d love to do that.

  2. I’m Zone 4 and it’s a bit on the cold side too. I think the sheltered spot helps….I am going to try leaving some in large pots this year too. They can winter over in the greenhouse then.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll gladly share pictures with you!

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