Not So Spring-like!

Not So Spring-like!

It’s very cold around the garden!
Blizzard’s, snow, and below zero temperatures, makes the greenhouse tending–STRESSFUL!
I added a warm wollen scarf to my sweet rabbit–he looked chilly hanging out by the window.
He is one of my favorite Spring touches, a hand-made gift from my friend Pam.

13 thoughts on “Not So Spring-like!

  1. We are experiencing similar weather here, not quite below zero, but I had to check to be sure as it was sooo cold yesterday it went straight to my bones. Even with your lovely greenhouse, it would take a lot to get me to go outside right now.

  2. We are making up for the beautiful March that we had last year, all evens out! We will be happy for the extra moisture in the soil when it does warm up. Happy First Day of Spring tomorrow.

    1. We can’t get a break from this cold!
      I have not decorated for Spring very much the last few years, but I have to remind myself I still have an 11 yr old in the house who needs those decorations for the holidays!

  3. We finally had a sunny day! yahoo. Back below zero tomorrow but at least I had the windows open today. Your friend has done such a sweet job of giving your bunny a personality. Love those eyes!

      1. Hey, Stacy I just got my cute, cute seed package. Thanks again! The seed envelope your customized is really awesome. I love Bee Balm and can’t wait to have a garden to plant them up. I might even try a pot on the deck this year. Cheers!

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