My Spring Break!

My Spring Break!

Oh my, the power of the March Sun and things are cooking in the greenhouse!
This sunshine and warmth makes me happy, and my
little seedlings too.

10 thoughts on “My Spring Break!

  1. I would give anything to see that needle inch up here. I wanted to also thank you. I received my seeds today and can’t wait to see the marigolds in full bloom! I never knew there were heirloom varieties of marigolds, so I’m really excited to see how different they will look compared to the ones found in the stores.

  2. Your welcome! I didn’t know till just a few years ago I could save Marigold seeds either! Hmmm read it somewhere and gave it a try! Probably not as good of a germination rate as a purchased pack of seeds–but they did very well.

  3. Haha..haven’t seen the needle there for quite some time. I’d be happy with 40 right now. My goodness, really 100 degrees? It must feel wonderful today. This is the coldest first day of spring since 1965..unbelievable.

    1. I know—-I just would love “normal” temps!!!
      I bundle up–run across yard to the greenhouse–quickly open door–quickly close door–and soak up that warmth!
      My Zak is 17 today, born on the first day of Spring!
      I have a little something to drop off to you!!

      1. Happy Birthday Zak! Good day to have a birthday. I am curious to see what you have for me…too early for zuccini or tomatoes!! Let me know when!

  4. Holy sweat-house Batman, those little seedlings will be grown in no time. I worked at a greenhouse for a few years and they had giant fans going all the time. Don you have to operate a fan in your greenhouse?

  5. Yes, we built in an exhaust fan–but I manually turn it on. Nothing automatic in my little greenhouse! It’s a balancing act for sure–heat–then cool!
    All the seedlings are quite small yet and of coarse I’m still germinating, so I’m letting the temp of the greenhouse get a bit warmer than usual.

  6. Nice! Amazingly, I’ve had that temp in my little greenhouse here in snowy northern Michigan a couple of times lately, but my thermometer isn’t nearly as nice as yours.

    1. The thermometer was one of the last things I bought at an actual Smith and Hawken store–and my leather Bogg garden clogs (that they don’t make anymone!). How I miss that store.
      I do keep a digital one in there also! It’s not as cute!

  7. Any movement towards a bit more warmth must be very welcome! And I, too, will plant my basil this weekend. Thank you! I’ll take photos when it starts to grow! I love your little seed envelopes. 🙂

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