I was up all night with the baby!

I was up all night with the baby!

Our new little critter. What’s not to love!
But what should we name her?
Suggestion box is now closed!

Thank you to everyone for the great name ideas.

I will announce our little ones name–this weekend!

11 thoughts on “I was up all night with the baby!

  1. What a cutie! What breed is she? I second the name Elsie! I wouldn’t have thought of that name but it fits.. If you can’t think of anything elsie…..

  2. I can’t stop smiling, precious wee one. Congratulations. Flowers all have Latin names so maybe something translating from Latin? Ava means ‘little bird’. Rosa Bianca is white rose in Italian, she looks like a sweet little blushing rosa.

  3. I tend to use 2 letter names, BG = beautiful girl, JD = just dog and so on, but I am now on my third Spock. I like the name, the dog has to learn his name no matter what name you give him/her, I don’t see why I need to learn a new name every time I get a new blue heeler.
    Happy Gardening

  4. How precious! I don’t have a great name suggestion without thinking about it quite a bit longer, but I hope you come up with something related to your gardening passion! ๐Ÿ™‚ Something cute…Digger? ๐Ÿ™‚ She’s sooo cute!

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