9 thoughts on “Seedlings

  1. They look amazing, how wonderful to see something green and growing! What a nice little retreat you have.

  2. How expensive is the heat for the green house? Does it have any insulation? I love your garden! Just beautiful.

    1. Good morning Phyllis,
      Thank you so much for visiting the garden!

      The greenhouse is not insulated…
      The base of the greenhouse is concrete pavers, set into a bed of 6 inches of sand.
      This is a passive way to heat or regulate the temps.
      I also add black buckets filled with water spaced throughout the greenhouse, under benches. Water heats up during the day and helps regulate evening temps. The greenhouse is wired for electricity.
      I use 1 to 3 thermostat controlled heaters. They effectively heat the 10 x 10 greenhouse.
      Cost to heat–varies!!! Last year I was using heat till the end of May!! The year before I was cooling the greenhouse in April!!!
      If you are using the greenhouse to germinate, you must heat to a much warmer temperature.
      I will most likely to a FYI post sometime soon…I love to share about the greenhouse.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit, and your sweet comment.

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