Meet Rosie

Meet Rosie

We tried lots of names!
She answered to Rosie.
Growing very quickly and learning something new everyday.
Those deep, soulful brown eyes–melts our hearts.

16 thoughts on “Meet Rosie

      1. She looks like she would be a sweetie. My son and his family got a puppy almost 2 months ago. They already had a cat, at first the dog ignored the cat, then began to check her out. Now the dog likes to try and chase the cat, but the cat will just lay there realizing the dog won’t hurt her, but she definitely doesn’t like him.

    1. Thank you so much! Imagine me pulling up to the driveway of this home–and about 7 of these roly poly puppies tumbling down a snowbank and wiggling over to meet me!
      It was the sweetest thing ever. My Rosie was the littlest (I’m an underdog kinda person) and I picked her up and she just melted into my coat. I never put her down and had to resist putting them all in my car!
      She curled up on the blanket I had put in the passenger seat and slept the entire 90 min ride home. I never stopped smiling the entire drive home! Molly would have just loved her….
      Happy Easter Garden Friend

  1. Hi Stacey. Boomdee aka Boomdeeada sent me your way. I’m working for a client with a Black Lab named Rosie. What a small, inter-connected world. Love your pup and the name of your blog. Alys

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