Achillea Yarrow–Paprika

Achillea Yarrow--Paprika

I love this pop of red!
I find the Achillea Yarrow hardy and tolerant of the the Summer heat.
This makes such a pretty cut flower too!

5 thoughts on “Achillea Yarrow–Paprika

    1. I have white Achilliea, that wants to swallow up everything–that I yank out by the handfuls all Summer long, but this red Paprika has stayed in a clump–and I wish it would spread!
      Geez, I sound hard to please!

  1. I loved the yellow ones back in Oklahoma, because they did so well in heavy soil and hot, dry summers…I’ve yet to find a good spot for them here in New England, though. Bonus – they’re usually cheap at the end of summer, because no one wants them but me 😉

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