Ground Cover Color


Sedum Red Carpet, was added to an edge of a garden bed last year,

and it has quickly become a favorite!


On This Side

Unfortunately, with the dry weather, powdery mildew has begun to appear on some of my Bee Balm.

It looks like it will have to be cut back, right before the garden tour this weekend.

I had to take one last picture of this side of the garden.

Tomorrow I will trim it down.

Bee Balm

Here And There

Here And There

The flowers are showing off in some areas of the garden.
This splash of white Clematis I have grown to really anticipate each year.
An unknown variety, it is usually the kick off for blossoms around Rabbit Run Cottage.

The Flags Are Out

The Flags Are Out

Pretty Iris making their appearance this week.
The pot was marked as purple when I purchased these 3 years ago.
Much to my surprise yellow Iris appeared instead.
It’s a good color.

Mass appeal

Mass appeal

Along the front fence of the kitchen garden Rudbeckia blooms in a mass planting.
The North side of my garden fence has been annuals for a few years now, but I’ve decided to extend the beautiful Brown Eyed Susan’s this Spring.
In my Zone 4 garden this is a happy, well placed perennial. It gives a lot of impact with very little care needed. Rudbeckia tolerates our Summer heat, and very easily is divided or started from scattering dried seeds directly into the ground.
Images from the Summer help me in making decisions about upcoming work needed to be done in the garden.
All gardeners know that a garden is constantly changing.
What plans do you have for your gardens this growing season?

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

While cleaning up flower beds this Spring, it was clear my beautiful Butterfly Bush’s had not survived the Winter.
Last Fall I had planted just a few Liatris that I had started in the greenhouse. They have filled in the empty gaps and are going to be stunning in a few days….I love the purple against the grey-green colors of Rabbit Run Cottage.
Notice anything else? That hole in the porch post is missing it’s Flag. Lost in the storm.
Check back in the garden in a few days if you love purple!