A Day In The Garden

Not one moment of the day was wasted yesterday.

The first– truly warm, sunshine filled day…after the longest Winter.


A Day In The Country

Some worked harder then others!
Some worked harder then others!

A Day In The Garden

Yes, I’ll have another–thank you.

14 thoughts on “A Day In The Garden

  1. My day was the same! What a time of year! I didn’t realize how really special it was until I headed out into traffic today. By the way, your sprinkler intrigues me. Is it 1950s?

    1. Glad you got to enjoy the good weather! I’m feeling the crunch to get all the clean up done in a shorter time this Spring.
      I have never tried to date the sprinklers I have, but now you intrigued me! I have a couple that my husband thinks could be from the 40’s–but I’m sure most are 50’s, 60’s.

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