Happy Easter



Eggs in the morning

 Eggs in the morning

Though it is Summer, I have been waking very early.
Tiding up in the morning from kids who stay up later them me, has become my ritual.
Washing the eggs collected the evening before.
I can see from my small kitchen sink window, the scratching chickens in the coop.
The ducks waddle by on their way to the next great rain puddle to bathe in.
Flame grazes in the pasture, raising her beautiful head to listen to a truck drive by on the gravel road.
Jimmy, our sassy little donkey is never far from her side.
I love sunrise on a Summer morning.
Gotta run, Rosie is at the front door for her morning treat!

A Day In The Garden

Not one moment of the day was wasted yesterday.

The first– truly warm, sunshine filled day…after the longest Winter.


A Day In The Country

Some worked harder then others!
Some worked harder then others!

A Day In The Garden

Yes, I’ll have another–thank you.

Rural Practicality

Farmer Carl advertised a chicken brooder house for sale.

After a lovely visit with Carl, I purchased the “rustic” farm building.

Not quite sure how or if it would make the journey to our property..

but I had a vision!

Luckily, my husband is handy, and he didn’t give up!

Tucked under the sheltering Maple Tree, isn't it charming!
Tucked under the sheltering Maple Tree, isn’t it charming!

Emily Prom 2009 039

As always, it’s a family project.

“Yes, kids–we are getting chickens and chickens are so cool”!

Put back together again!
Put back together again!


Meet Helen

Helen is wearing lovely feathers in Autumn shades.

She enjoys free ranging in the garden, and hanging out with her friends.

Her platform is:  Eggs, they taste good!

I am…Helen the chicken!
Miss Congeniality