Working on the garden corners

Working on the garden corners

One pot at a time.
Scented Geraniums for this old clay pot.

5 thoughts on “Working on the garden corners

    1. It’s one of those plants that I was obsessed with many years ago….we moved so many times in our “younger” married life that I would give my plants away instead of moving them with me.
      Little babies and kids were the priority back then!
      I had one of those “moments” the other day–and said “I NEED SCENTED GERANIUMS!”
      I hope to add a few this year and Winter over in the greenhouse. 🙂

      1. They have them in the window boxes on many homes in Switzerland and Austria, when I went to Austria I asked why to the lady of the beautiful old fashioned farm guest house we stayed in.. She said that the scent kept away the flies away and deterred them from coming indoors.. As in many old farm homes they had the cowsheds near by attached which attracted the flies…
        A useful tip I have never forgotten and it works.. as I often will place a Geranium near an open window in Summer .. 🙂

    1. I had forgotten how much I loved them–they are on my “to get list” this year!
      Once when I was a really “poor” mommy with 2 little babies, I spent money I really didn’t have in the checkbook on 3 scented Geraniums!

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