Rural Practicality


This sweet garden bench was made by a garden friend.  Using old headboards as the base, each bench is unique and perfect in the garden.

A perfect addition to Rabbit Run Cottage, I added a couple of vintage ticking feather pillows to take a little rest from garden chores.

Rural Practicality!

12 thoughts on “Rural Practicality

    1. Just love the old ticking feather pillows, bought 5 at an auction last Fall, they were carefully stored in bags, and labeled by a sweet older lady as to which bed they went to. A local church in town has a fundraiser a few times a year for feather pillow cleaning–I did have them cleaned!

    1. 🙂 I cleaned up inside Rabbit Run Cottage the other night (Lucy was having a sleepover in the loft), I climbed up to fluff the pillows, and check for any spiders (that can send girls running to the house screaming!) I laid down and actually dozed off!! 🙂

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