Rabbit Run Cottage

Rabbit Run Cottage

A vintage carpenters apron hanging on the door.
A splash of blue for the garden.

6 thoughts on “Rabbit Run Cottage

    1. Thank you! If you take a peek at the Rabbit Run Cottage tag on the right, you can see lots of images of the sweet little building that sits in the garden!
      Thank you so much for stoping by the garden! Nice to meet you.

  1. So simple, yet the perfect touch. You have such a good eye. I’m surprised the Country Gardens people didn’t scoop you up for their team. Can’t wait to see your story.

    1. You just made my day! So sweet of you to say, this blog is such a creative outlet for me…
      Looks like the garden will be in the Spring Issue 2014…so hard to wait! So will be on the stands right after Christmas.

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