Garden produce

Garden produce

Early morning clouds brought some cooler temperatures to the garden this morning.
I picked the last of the peas and beans and was thrilled to find my first cucumbers.
Lots of salads on the menu this week.

10 thoughts on “Garden produce

  1. its a busy time for us Gardeners right now.. I spent yesterday freezing peas and runner beans and freezing broccoli and making soup from the broccoli stalks.. Your cucumbers looking good… Love my salad box, but have not grown any cucumbers this year… we didnt have much luck in the past… But the tomatoes are on the turn.. 🙂

    great to see your garden doing so well 🙂

  2. Your produce looks great-you are a few steps ahead of me. My cucumbers are teeny yet, and beans just starting. Nice to be able to harvest dinner items!

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