My first try at starting Pansy seeds in the greenhouse this year.

They are just starting to bloom, and the colors were worth the wait.





10 thoughts on “Pansies

  1. Great photos! I love Pansies, too! The first seeds I planted was back in the early 1980’s when I planted ‘Jet Black’ from Stokes Seeds. I also liked it in Mississippi when I could put Pansies in planters and they would flower all winter. Back in Missouri now, they won’t last all winter, but they will have an extended spring season.

      1. They always look good here and there because they don’t go crazy and spread. I always liked the smaller flowers, like the Violas, for that. Sometimes the HUGE, bright flowers of Pansies can compete for attention. I guess it depends on where you put them…

    1. We are having a cool spell in the garden now, (in fact record lows!), so they are doing well, I suppose when the heat returns they will struggle a bit!
      Mother Nature sure likes to keep us on our toes!

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