Purple Power

Purple Power

The liatris shows more color each day.
They are framing the front porch of Rabbit Run Cottage quite beautifully this year.
Still missing is the little flag from the front porch post…I’m working on a little replacement.

6 thoughts on “Purple Power

  1. I simply love “cottage style” gardens and liatris with daisies and b.e.susans are the epitome (perhaps a hollyhock in there someday?). My liatris is NOT doing well this year and I can’t figure out why. How long did it take for yours to really settle in? This is year 2 and I’m wondering if it needs a better location…

    1. These have only been here 2 years. And, confession–they came from The Dollar Store!
      I did pot them up and start them in the greenhouse, but frankly I was shocked how they filled out and bloomed this year. This is a South facing site, and they get lots of afternoon warm sun. I think I even need to split these up a bit this Fall. A good problem to have!
      My Hollyhocks are a no show this year–not even one!

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