Early Autumn mornings

Early Autumn mornings

The mornings of September start cool and hazy.
The fields began to dry and the colors change from green to golden.
I began cleaning garden beds, and making list of chores that need to be done before our gardens go to bed.

10 thoughts on “Early Autumn mornings

  1. Lovely picture, I too am slowly cleaning out the beds that are finished and considering uprooting a few like the tomato plants that are just getting fruit so I can bring them in at night. It’s always sad to me to say goodbye to summer.

      1. True, I am seeing the grandchildren contemplating the arrival of autumn and winter and not being happy about it. They want more time to swim, play in the dirt and garden. I think they will miss most of all picking their own food to eat. Then again seeing how much fun they had last year helping, I gave them their own garden plot which is partly why they don’t want summer to end.

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