The Contender Peach

The Contender Peach

All Summer long, two little peaches were growing on our new Peach trees.
Yesterday was Peach picking day!
Someone ate one before it could be photographed!
So here is our other pride and joy.
If your looking for a Peach tree for Zone 4–put this on your list for next Spring.
They are self pollinating, grow to about 15 ft, and produce a medium to large size fruit.
Supplies are limited of this tree, so shop early.
Hoping for a bigger crop next year.

3 thoughts on “The Contender Peach

  1. I love peaches and never would have expected that they could be grown in Minnesota. I’ve been buying a lot of Colorado peaches lately. They are so good. Sweet. Juicy.

    Congratulations on your first “crop” and here’s to a better one next year. When did you plant your trees?

    1. We bought these as bare root trees from Farmers Seed and Nursery in Faribault, just last Spring we planted them…..they bloomed the first Spring but no fruit…then each tree produced 1 peach this year. I too, never thought we would get a peach as large as these–thought they would be plum like! Would like to add 1 more next year.
      Now my pear trees are a different story…in the ground 5 years not one Pear!
      Apple trees struggled this year too…hardly any apples on my 6 year old trees.

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