What ducklings?

What ducklings?

The ducklings have grown up.
I have officially become “the duck lady”, with 14 ducks now waddling around the garden.
Pekin Ducks are quite low maintenance. Eat tons of bugs, and are less destructive then the chickens in the garden.
I have had a few offers to “take a couple of ducks”, but they were going to be “dinner”.
I just couldn’t do it!
They will be pets. Yes, the petting zoo grows.

6 thoughts on “What ducklings?

  1. Duck eggs are awesome, too!
    Went over to my friend Karla’s farm this weekend to hang out with her goats…Niko got mugged for the grain he was carrying by one of her Runner Duck hybrids. “Hey! That mean duck BIT me!”

  2. I cannot believe how much they’ve grown since you last posted about them! I’m going to show my husband this post so he can see how nice they are and how they benefit the garden … hopefully he’ll cave and agree to get some!

    PS What a lovely pond you have for the ducks!

  3. I have heard they are great for the garden. Do you also get eggs? Duck eggs at our farmers market sell for $12.00 dozen! Restaurants buy them up as fast as they get them in. Do you have trouble with them flying to other areas of water?

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