I know….

I know....

they appreciate the touch!
Flame and Jimmy have been with us a full year now.
My little garden became complete with these two additions to the petting zoo!

5 thoughts on “I know….

  1. wonderful – I imagine an enormous farmhouse in the background with paddocks full of racehorses surrounding it – along the lines of the stud farm in the movie Secretariat – lucky you!

  2. Hey, I need to mail you some of our snow 😀 I might have told you before, I can not resist Donkeys. They’re always my favourite at petting zoos. Is that one Jimmy? I hope so because that’s my husbands name, LOL. I think it’s grande that you added some pizazz to their pen, and it looks like a pretty big wreath. I actually bought a fresh one today too, just a little one but it really smelt good. I saw on FB today a dog that was almost put down because he was really aggressive now gets to roam free because a goose he fell in love with has mellowed him out! Isn’t that awesome. I’m glad Jimmy and Flame have each other for companionship too.

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