Heavenly Scent

Heavenly Scent

I trimmed some greens to use for some wreaths and decorations, and can’t help but be instantly in the holiday mood.
The smell from freshly cut evergreens….well that’s the most wonderful scent of the season.

5 thoughts on “Heavenly Scent

  1. You have the knack for simple but pretty vignettes Sheryl. The large galvanized tub is perfect. I think you’re clever to raise it up to nose level too, everyone can enjoy it that much more. I like the greens you’ve used to, is that just pine on the right? The needles are sooooo long, loving that. Coincidentally, I was filling pots with greens today too but I ran out before I finished. I zoomed to the store but they were all gone. It’d be nice if we could smell ours once they’re put outside but of course…they’re frozen. The good thing is, they’ll stay green for most of the winter.

  2. Dah, Sorry Stacey…I’m hauling my butt to bed, I just re-read my message and I typed Sheryl, LOL That was a blog I was at b4 you…what a goof. I had a late night coffee and I’m floating around at 2:16am…obviously should re-think that.

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