Natural Christmas

Natural Christmas

Trying to catch up here with Christmas decorating.
Paper Whites have been dropped into jars, pine cones are piled into bowls, and the tree is trimmed with natural ornaments.

3 thoughts on “Natural Christmas

  1. I used to love having paperwhites all over the house, they remind me of shiny stars. Then Mr B said he didn’t really like them. I few years back I tried Hyacinth, and wow….they smelt great. I should do them again. Thanks for always inspiring. I hope we’ll get to see your tree! Have you been to Create and Barrel for Christmas. You might really love one of their collections, all very natural.

  2. I’d love to see your tree! I’m sure it’s wonderful–love the idea of natural ornaments. I haven’t started any paperwhites yet, but I need to! They’re so wonderful, aren’t they?

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