Oh Deer

Oh Deer

I suffered my first car/deer collision this evening.
It was an awful feeling when the beautiful deer jumped right into the path of my car.
I was sad for the deer, but grateful for seat belts.

Image from the beautiful Mehr Woods in Northern California.

19 thoughts on “Oh Deer

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that…I take it you are OK, but the deer didn’t make it. How about your car? My daughters bought a brand new car a few years ago and took a trip out to the east coast. On the way in Kentucky, a deer jumped out into the road and did quite a bit of damage to their car. They ended up having to turn around and come back to repair the car. They both were shaken by the incident. I’m sure you are too. 😦

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness….I’m glad to say, my seat belt and car kept me safe.
      My car….at the body shop first think this morning.
      Sad for that beautiful deer, as they are certainly one of my favorite creatures.
      Hugs, Stacey

  2. Oh no Stacey, that is awful, I’m glad you’re safe but I know you love animals too. What a terrible way to end the day. I feared this, the whole time we lived in the country and came very close a couple of times. My heart goes out to you and the precious little soul that was in the wrong places at the wrong time. Did you have to be out in this cold weather for long? We’ve also visited Muir Woods near San Francisco, isn’t it so beautiful there. We were not as lucky to see a dear but squirrels and a beautiful Heron. Take care now.

    1. Thank you so much,
      I left work, just 10 min. early Friday evening…I kept thinking if I had just stayed 10 more min…it was just a yucky feeling…
      your kind concern was so comforting to read.
      Yes, the temps were below zero when I drove home Friday evening, I think that added to the damage to my car…plastic shattered everywhere.
      Luckily I was able to drive home with one working headlight. Car is all ready at the body shop…

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness and concern. So glad to report, I’m safe, I’m a faithful seat belt buckler. It happened so quickly, there was no time to react.
      So sad for the deer, as they are one of my favorite creatures.
      Having the kind words from my wonderful garden friends has helped so much…
      Hugs, Stacey

  3. Oh no! I’m glad you are alright. It happens so fast, no matter how vigilant a person is about watching for them. Just what you want to deal with at this time of the year, nothing else to do.. it does shake you up for awhile. Rest up my friend.

    1. Thank you Rita!
      It did leave me a bit shaky all weekend…the poor deer, my car…my high deductible!!!
      My kids taking turns going out to the garage to inspect what I did to the new car–priceless!

    1. Audrey,
      Thankful for seat belts for sure…it was scary how fast it happened.
      My car is all ready at the local body shop–wow, does plastic shatter in these cold temps!
      I don’t know what a large buck weighs, but it felt like I just drove into a brick wall!
      I fretted all weekend! It’s always something–but I could use a little break!!!

  4. So sorry to hear. Thankfully you’re ok, at least physically. It’s always sad when something like this happens. My cousin had a similar incident. Her car was wrecked, so was she emotionally for weeks. But it wasn’t her fault nor was it yours. Take care! XOXO, Angie.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind, understanding words…I felt awful, the deer, the car (my new car!), the timing, the expense….you know how you run things just keep rolling in your head.
      I’m less tender today, and sharing it with all you really helped.

  5. I am glad you are all right. I’ve always been afraid of hitting one so far the closest I’ve come has been almost hitting a cow. 🙂 How is your car? What a horrible time to need to repair a car.

    1. My grandmother hit a cow once! You just made me remember that! That would be scary, for sure!
      It was a large Buck that just ran smack into the front of my car, I didn’t even have time to swerve! It felt like a brick wall, and the car parts were flying everywhere!
      Car is all ready at the body shop, don’t know a total yet?! But I do feel like the car kept me safe….grateful for that!

      1. Your poor grandmother. I don’t want to know how badly it would hurt to hit the cow. I’m glad your car was safe. Did you keep the deer for meat?

  6. How frightening! I’m sure this was very upsetting, but of course, I’m so glad you weren’t hurt. I hope you aren’t too sore from the seat belts, but you’re right–they saved you from greater harm. Scary! ox

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and concern….it helped so much to hear the kind words from you and all my garden friends.
      So lucky it hit where it did, and the car is all ready at the repair shop.
      Sad about that beautiful deer….they are one of my favorite creatures.
      Hugs, Stacey

  7. I am glad you are ok, I live in a rural area and am always on the look out, I know you did all could do to not hit the deer. Take care.

    1. Thank you so much….I am so glad it wasn’t worse than in was. The body shop said if it had been a bit more in front, the air bags would have gone off!
      I was so sad for the deer, they are such a beautiful creature. Though I was bummed for the weekend with the expense of repairs and the timing of this, I realize really how lucky I am.

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