Plenty of Thyme

Plenty of Thyme

My little Herb wreath I made this past Summer.
Dried and ready to flavor Winter meals.
Pinch a few sprigs and roll between your fingers.
My little Kitchen Garden has lived up to it’s name.

8 thoughts on “Plenty of Thyme

  1. What a great idea, Stacey! I always feel bad when the frost takes away my abundant herb garden. I will have to remember this idea.

  2. Does it hold it’s scent once it’s dry Stacey? You must have grown quite a lot to get such a bundle for your wreath, it’s really so European to have something so simple, pretty and yet utilitarian in the kitchen. I could see it hanging in Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen. She’s written a few cook books now, very natural ingredients with a European freshness. I loved the idea of buying just a little bit of fresh food daily, instead of loading up a giant market basket like we do in North America. We’re too car dependant here don’t you think?

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