Full Circle

Full Circle

The Celosia grown in the garden, dried in the greenhouse, and turned into a stunning wreath to brighten up the Winter backdrop.
This wreath will stay up through most of the Winter.  It’s like a cup of coffee for my eyes!

15 thoughts on “Full Circle

      1. Celosia was a little tricky for me…but worth the work! I started seeds in the greenhouse, and they grew VERY slowly. Tiny root system makes transplanting tricky. I probably only get about 1/3 of the seedlings to thrive once they are in the ground. I’m going to try some of the great other colors….the greens…I’m envious!

  1. Beautiful. I didn’t realize that celosia dried so nicely. I’ve sold quite a bit of it in mixed bouquets, but never tried drying it.

      1. We’re starting a garden for our new property in the spring. I’m going to grow some celosias and give this wreath a try in the winter. Thank you!

  2. Ha, I love that, “a cup of coffee for my eyes”, girl you are speaking my language. Looks great hanging on your custom branch hooks too. I’ve never grown Coleus, but I really fancy that shade of red. It’s a little antiqued looking. Is it very brittle when it dries? It looks soft and velvety. Very original and pretty. I’ve not seen that used anywhere. Pinning! (I always feel like goof-ball Charlie Sheen when I say that, LOL)

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