From my garden

From my garden

A little wreath.
Twisted vines from the garden.
A sprig of Juniper.
A simple bow.
Rural practicality in practice.

2 thoughts on “From my garden

  1. That’s just as charming as can be, especially with the little Juniper berries peeping through the greenery. I think it’d look cute decorating a home made jar of raspberry jam or cranberry Jelly. Your garden just keeps on giving, even when you think it’s asleep 😀

  2. That wreath is so simple and beautiful I love it! I wish I had some of those to decorate my house or my table this holiday season. I love bringing a bit of rustic nature into the house at this time of year, all I made this year was some evergreen swags and a bit of boxwood everywhere!

    You have such an artistic touch!

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