What shall I grow?

What shall I grow?

Seed catalogs have been arriving in the mailbox.
There are all ready lists of seeds to order.
What will I nurture in the greenhouse?
What will I repeat and what will I try new?
How will the kitchen garden be planted this year?

8 thoughts on “What shall I grow?

  1. Did I ever tell you I worked at a garden centre for 3 summers? I’ve replaced a million seedlings and it still amazes me that from 1 tiny seed can bloom something like Wave Petunia that fills a whole pot…Amazing isn’t it?

  2. If I learned anything from last year, it is to make sure I have plenty of my favorites on hand: lacinato kale, basil, garlic, swiss chard, cherry tomatoes, lettuces. Up until now my eyes have been bigger than the garden and I have tried to fit everything in my space often to close for comfort. This new year I am going to focus on growing what I love really well. What are your favorites?

  3. I’m still thinking about your peach tree. I’ve never grown broccoli, going to try that. Also garlic. No to tumbler tomatoes, yes to more cherry tomatoes, planted in the ground instead of pots…we never stop learning and tweaking, do we. Anxious to see what you come up with!

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