A new year

A new year

Another year has rolled through in the garden.
How quickly the seasons slid from one to the next.
2013 was a year of extremes.
Snow and cold that did not want to end.
A Summer that came on hot and hotter.
Fall dropped in with cold, miserable weather.
And Winter, well it’s colder!
Happy New Year garden friends!

15 thoughts on “A new year

      1. That makes me feel better, 😉 I thought it might be as the sun was so bright. Keep wishing we all need a break for a bit soon or cabin fever will begin to set in.

  1. I love the dappled light engulfing you lovely garden house. With a peek of the picket fence and giant trees in the back, it’s so picture perfect. Does it take you long to groom everything? Like dead head or weed. I see you’ve topped with a mulch. I did this in our beds too but still got a bit of weed to clean up.

  2. I absolutely love your greenhouse and the article in Country Gardens. I will definitely be following your blog and have passed on your information to some friends in Texas and my Minnesota family. Stay warm

    1. Carol,
      Thank you so much for your kind comment…so glad you like the Country Gardens article. Kate Carter Frederick did such an amazing job telling the story of our little garden…it still seems a bit unreal that we made it to the magazine.
      Yes, please visit often, I try to post quite frequently! 🙂
      The garden is always open,

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