Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

I thought it would be fun to show some of the images I took of the wonderful Country Gardens team at work.
Field Editor and Producer, Kate Carter Frederick carefully chose the areas of the garden she wanted to capture.
Karla Conrad was the photographer, along with her assistant Jennifer Caes.
Cameras, cords, equipment, oh, my!

9 thoughts on “Behind the scenes

      1. Hi Stacey, thanks for the link – the problem is that it say’s it “cant find the page I’m looking for” – what search term should I use on thei rsite, or what date was it published? you can see I really want to see your garden in full on magazine glory 🙂

    1. I sent them a few images from my garden–a long time ago–Sept of 2011. The editor called me in March of 2012 and they came for 2 days in July. It’s been a waiting game since then!
      I have had the wonderful fortune of becoming friends with the Field Editor Kate Carter Frederick and she has kept me posted on the progress of the story.
      Yes, Pinch me!

    1. Getting the garden ready was a full time job-with overtime! I weeded 8 to 12 hours a day. Constant watering, as it was a hot Summer.
      They only brought a few plants to add to the shots, everything in the images was mine. They spent 2 days with us here, working in heat and bright, bright sun. Sun makes it harder to get the images. So much goes into each shot they set up.
      They couldn’t have been any nicer to have in the garden. We chatted it up and I have become friends with Field Editor Kate Carter Frederick.
      It was an amazing experience and I feel very lucky!

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