The Pickery

The Pickery

I plant cutting flowers on both sides of the greenhouse each year. Zinnias are always a favorite.

26 thoughts on “The Pickery

  1. Those summer days seem like so long ago. I am craving them right now. Nothing says summer like zinnias!

  2. Love those zinnias and miss them right now in our below zero weather!! Needed a picture to remind me that their is green after all this white-lol

      1. By the way, it took 5 stores but finally found the magazine tonight. I’m going to curl up with it and a cup of hot tea in a little while. What a treat to hold a magazine again.

      2. I very much enjoyed your article. I had no idea you have only lived there for 5 years. You have done so much in such a short time. Your property always looked to me as if you had lived there for generations.

  3. oh, looks like a an excellent hide and seek spot too πŸ˜€ My favourite thing to bring inside was a bundle of sweet peas. I grew them on our dog kennel fence. I figure I should make use of it because Buddy sure never did. HA! It was almost the length of our driveway and they grew like crazy there.

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