The Pickery

The Pickery

I plant a cutting garden each year that I have named
The Pickery.
Zinnias, cosmos, bachelor buttons, celosia, asters, daisies,
asters, and snapdragons are some of my favorites.
I’m always anxious to get that first cutting of homegrown flowers to enjoy in the house.
Can you spy the little, delicate spider sitting on the pretty snapdragon?
Those little friends are not welcome to come in the house with the flowers!

15 thoughts on “The Pickery

  1. I can’t bring myself to buy flowers, such a waste of money, sustainability issues (air-freighted, pesticide-sprayed etc), but having a pickery is such a beautiful idea. And I love the name!

  2. What a gorgeous shot. I like that name pickery. I too, grow most of those flowers, but don’t have the space to do so in large quantities. I added a new garden bed last summer, but we are facing drought conditions this summer. so I’m not sure what I’ll do. Perhaps live vicariously through you.

    1. Yes, we have had 2 extremely dry Summers here also–The Pickery is each side of the greenhouse, just outside the fence area–it really is only about 5 x 10 on each side, but I cram it full!!!

  3. There is a new zinnia seed in my Burpee catalog called “Uptown Grape” that I have not seen before. . . I think I would like to plant some of them this year. I love the zinnias and the butterflies that they bring to my garden. . .

  4. I adore snaps and sprinkled them thru my porch pots since we’ve been condo living. I can’t for the life of me spot Mr Spider…that’s probably why he’d be marching around the house in the dark, I’m half blind LOL

  5. I think I will pot up some clay pots with snaps this year too….I love that look also!!! Mr Spider is on the left side of the flower–on the bud just above the largest blossom–very delicate thing he is!!!
    I know what you mean–can’t leave home without my reading glasses these days!!!

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