Keep Those Monarchs Happy

Because you want more…

Because you want more...

Well, I do!
18 degrees BELOW Zero–again this morning in the garden.
Warming up from morning critter chores and sorting images from last years garden.
The Pickery sure did produce some pretty snapdragons last year!
I can smell that spicy scent now!

The Pickery

The Pickery

I plant a cutting garden each year that I have named
The Pickery.
Zinnias, cosmos, bachelor buttons, celosia, asters, daisies,
asters, and snapdragons are some of my favorites.
I’m always anxious to get that first cutting of homegrown flowers to enjoy in the house.
Can you spy the little, delicate spider sitting on the pretty snapdragon?
Those little friends are not welcome to come in the house with the flowers!