Skipping the broccoli

Skipping the broccoli

Not because I don’t like broccoli, In fact I love broccoi!
It’s an issue of space.
Is it worth the space in my kitchen garden?
This year I decided broccoli will sit out.
Can you guess which vegetable will take it’s place?
First gardener to correctly guess–wins a free packet of seeds–from me!

15 thoughts on “Skipping the broccoli

    1. Spinach is a good guess…but I have been growing that in boxes in the greenhouse the past couple of years…we like it small and tender to eat and I can easily keep replanting as I need too! 🙂

      1. Have you tried chopped small, sauteed in bacon grease with, either diced beets or carrots or sweet potatoes or even zucchini or bell pepper, all finished with eggs? That’s how I learned to start liking it. Bacon makes everything taste better, I think 😉

  1. I would have a hard time if all my growing had to go in one season more akin to yours…broccoli is a winter plant here, so I think even if I grew eggplant, they may never meet one another on the chopping block.

  2. If you want to make a morning shake with Kale I’ll share the recipe. You can’t even taste it and it is so good for you!

  3. That is one BE-auitful looking Broccoli, WOW. Are the leaves eatable at all I wonder? I see from about you’re going with eggplant. I love both really but seem to buy Broccoli more often because it’s faster to make (steam and top with fresh lemon) I love eggplant in lasagna though. How do you cook it up usually?

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