Play time

Play time

When the sun is out, I can go to the greenhouse and play.

10 thoughts on “Play time

    1. Yes, It is just a pile of things I was moving around (funny what I left in there)….pots, bulbs that are growing despite being left just lying around, my treasured snips, a little clump of pretty pink pepper berries, and some of those pretty quail eggs that I love to decorate with. Random items!

  1. Quail eggs are so beautiful, I have a bowl of them in my dining room (blown, of course!) in a pretty celadon bowl. I never tire of looking at them, each unique. Do you raise quail?

    1. No I have never raised Quail but I just love those little eggs too! I agree, just perfect to set in a little bowl…celadon color would just set off their natural beauty. I bought several dozen a few years ago and just love them…I’m not sure when I put these in the greenhouse and left them? 🙂

    1. Sadly they don’t grow here!! These are left over from my Nieces wedding a few years ago! I love pepper berries, pink, red and white!
      Will have to buy more from the wholesaler this Spring! 🙂

  2. Cute composition, I’m glad you’re getting some sunshine too. We’re getting lots of sun but are drenched in an Arctic low. Yesterday with a windchill was crazy. According to the Weather gal it’s here until next thursday :/

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