Garden Projects Of Rural Practicality

Garden Projects Of Rural Practicality

I made this wattle fence from an old iron bed frame.
Cut several green branches longer then the frame size and weave through the rungs.
Trim the edges when your done.
You may want to wear gloves, it gets a little tougher as the you go!
Plant little climbing annuals near this for a pretty Summer accent in the garden.

23 thoughts on “Garden Projects Of Rural Practicality

  1. So creative as well as lovely! I’ve always admired these fences, but couldn’t figure out how you make them. Duh! If I were in front of my loom, this design would be a simple tabby.

  2. This is just the sort of thing that I love to see in the garden! Re-purposing items is both practical and creative. “Rusty” is one of my favorite colors/qualities in a garden accent. Thank you for sharing.
    ~Mary Ann J.

    1. Thank you sweet Eliza! Hubby did think I was nuts wrestling with these little fences! I told him just you wait, the magazine will love it–and it was the first thing they photographed when they were here!!! πŸ™‚

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