Little tender Hollyhock seedlings.

10 thoughts on “Seedlings

  1. Gasp, I love Hollyhock. What colour are you growing? Do you have to stake yours? I was looking at your Country Gardens article again the other day and noticed none of your plants are propped up or tied up. That’s awesome. I was always reinforcing a stem of this or that. Especially the delphiniums.

  2. I don’t really stake my plants, I sometimes will grab a stick or two and add it to some flower stands, but I just usually just let the garden go….it’s usually a wee bit messy, and natural looking!
    I do try to dead head my flowers daily, which helps even the heavy perennials still look decent.
    I always start mixed colors of Hollyhocks, but it seems it’s always the white and pink that grow!
    My delphiniums all died off last year, hmmm need to plant more of those!!!

  3. Hi Stacey.. Just going thru my 1st issue of County Gardens and saw you greenhouse. You live in COLD country as I do ( Salt Lake City). Is your greenhouse your design or is it manufactured?

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      Thank you so much for your comment, I love to chat garden with friends from everywhere!
      Yes, I’m stuck in the cold here!!! Baby it has been a cold one, and still continues. We have had a few breaks in temp..but not enough yet!
      What zone are you in living in Salt Lake City?
      Yes, our greenhouse was designed by my husband…we played with lots of photographs from my years of garden inspiration….and then what we had to work with for recycled windows.
      The 2 front large glass paneled windows really were the score I was looking for. Bought at a farm auction, those windows used in the front helped bring the character together. You certainly could make the same structure with newly purchased windows. Our local home improvement stores carry what is referred to as barn sash windows.
      The greenhouse measures 10 x 10, and for me it’s the perfect size to work in and for the garden itself.

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