Predictions of a late Spring

Predictions of a late Spring

The local radio station informed me the prediction is for a late Spring….it doesn’t come as a shock.
I have just woken to -15 degrees in the garden.
This year, more than ever, I will be grateful for our season change.

15 thoughts on “Predictions of a late Spring

  1. I had not heard that. How depressing. Not hating the messenger, just the message! All along I was thinking, if I can just make it until here we are, still waiting. You are right, when it comes, it will be bliss.

    1. Rita, Oh how these temps are testing me!!!
      Eric and I did sneak out of town last week, to play in the sun and sand…but arriving back to the cold has been even worse than if I had stayed I think!
      My vacation is coming off!!
      I’m full steam ahead though on garden planning and some fun things that came my way…can’t wait to fill you in!

  2. I have enjoyed your posts. I check for them daily and when they do arrive, I can hardly wait to open them. We too have cold in eastern Nebraska. Only nine below with about two inches of snow. I’m nestled inside looking at the show capped beautiful spruce in my backyard and remembering friends who gave them to me 20 plus years ago as little transplants. I should capture them on camera but brrr, despite the sunshine I’m not venturing out. Keep sending your posts. They are helping we through the cold winter. Bev Nebraska

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    1. Bev,
      You made my day!!! Really, it is such a treat to hear that my little blog offers just a little inspiration to my fellow garden friends.
      Only 13 below this AM!
      Stay warm my friend—

    1. Yes, I relate, I feel broken by it this year…with not even the slightest warming break this entire Winter…I’m struggling.
      Thank goodness all you allow me to whine!!!

  3. Below zero here, too, but I am still elated over my Crocus find and last year the Red-winged Blackbirds returned on March 8th – only five days away! I trust them to announce when it’s Spring.

  4. Yes, that sweet Crocus showing it’s tender greens!
    I’ve had such few birds in the feeders this Winter, hope they found some warmer place to wait out the temperatures!
    Thanks for visiting me and letting me whine!

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