Piled High

Piled High

Winter has been an experience this season.
Morning chores to feed a horse, donkey, chickens and ducks, met me with a calm 30 degree temperature.
It feels warm, it feels like the cold has broken, it feels like Spring will come!
The snowdrifts are deep and covering everything. To get to the greenhouse I have to circle around to the back gate.
But the trudging is worth it!
A sanctuary just waiting to be filled with seedlings and plants.
It truly is my happy place.

9 thoughts on “Piled High

  1. It’s going to melt fast now..we made it through the other side. No relapses allowed this year. Time to look at seeds!

  2. Today really felt like spring is coming to me too. 🙂 Down here the snow has melted and the daffodils are about 3 inches high. Robins are everywhere and the beautiful song of all the birds is filling the air. One thing about this last winter is that it sure makes one appreciate spring. I know we have a few more snowy days in the forecast, but it will melt away quickly.

  3. The anticipation for spring is really teasing us too. I wish I had a sanctuary to head too. I just emptied the fairy garden jar yesterday to perk it up, replant and spring-ify. The dirt smelt so sweet because of the cedar boughs I’d used when I put it together last year, they had composted so well. So that’s my little garden fix in this condo, LOL I’m hearing lots of chirping birds this week though and that’s a little slice of heaven. Have fun Stacey!

    1. Our Spring sure is teasing us here, a little warmer and then back down below freezing.
      Snow is still deep here, but the ground is beginning to show itself.
      I wish I could put my down coat away!

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