blest be the tie that binds

blest be the tie that binds

An evening around the table with books, magazines, laughter and garden dreams.
A treat to visit Rita’s beautiful home, and meet my new string loving friend, Jackie.

16 thoughts on “blest be the tie that binds

  1. It was a fun night! Thank you for your sweet comments. We have to do it again soon. I love my herb snip, so useful..will be using on my chives when they come up shortly.

  2. Gardens are such a social endeavour. I once mentioned to Alys how life comes and goes thru the garden via Birthdays, Dinners with friends or just enjoying the work at hand. It’s what I miss most about our old house.

    1. oh, I so agree….I’m lucky to have a handful, of garden loving creative friends here as “my neighbors”, and all the wonderful garden friends I have met through this blog…Hugs

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