1 year ago, I went to pick out a new puppy for our family.
Rosie was the first I picked up from the piles of puppies at my feet. I held a few others, but I kept going back to the littlest one, that sat patiently near me.
I promised to give her a good home, and snuggled her into a blanket on the seat next to me.
She fell asleep for the drive home and I have loved this girl from that moment on.
She is quiet, playful, serious and a bit of a scaredy cat.
Rosie is ready for some warm Spring weather too!

6 thoughts on “Rosie

  1. Rosie is just beautiful. I’m so happy for both of you. She’s got such a wonderful garden to play in and you’ve got the best company as you ramble thru the day doing what you love. Truth, I’m a wee bit envious too. I’d just love to bury my face into those velvet soft ears and take a deep breath. I always loved Buddy’s ears. Really soft and when you came in close for a snuggle, he’d look you straight in the eye and then lick your face…nose and lips. HA Ohhh, I sure miss having a dog.

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