Pack them up

Pack them up

How I wished I could have taken so many of these beautiful clay pots home.
The amazing Half Moon Bay Nursery in CA.
On my wish list this year for my garden, a few large statement clay pots.

4 thoughts on “Pack them up

    1. Yes, I don’t put much in pots, to much work to keep watered!!! But I have a old crate filled with sedums and succulents that is falling apart…need to repot this Spring. 🙂

  1. Ah! I’ve been to that nursery! 🙂 I’m so glad you had some time in Half Moon Bay. It’s really a wonderful place, don’t you think? I love clay pots and they work particularly well for succulents. But I’ll be curious to see how you use them. They do make a nice statement!

    1. It was such a beautiful place…loved Half Moon Bay, Spent half a day there, starting with breakfast at a sweet little cafe. .Loved the views! Ahhh, as I watch it snow again here today…..BRrrrrrrr. 😦

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