This Old Gnome

This Old Gnome

This Gnome belonged to my Grandparents. It rested on the little front porch by their lawn chairs.
She also had a big coffee table book about Gnomes. We spent hours looking at the colorful illustrations of Gnome life when we visited.
My Dad brought him by to visit my garden a couple of years ago…he has taken a few tumbles in the past and has been glued back together in a few places. He sure has kept his youthful appearance despite his age.
I enjoyed him for a year, then passed him on to live at my big sister’s house. She started a little Gnome collection in her garden for her Granddaughter’s to enjoy.
Gnomes live on in our memories and gardens.
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Johnson

4 thoughts on “This Old Gnome

  1. That’s a really wonderful story and thanks for sharing it Stacey. I do think they’re cute and kitschy, how awesome to have something so special still in the family.

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